Hi-Gear 3 Arm Airer Review: Folding Camping Washing Line

Keeping clothes, towels, and gear dry can make the difference between a great camping trip and a miserable one. We review one of the top choices for camping washing lines, the Hi-Gear 3 Arm Airer.

Just hanging out (the washing)

Is there anything worse than putting on damp clothes, drying yourself with a wet towel, or, worse, sleeping in a wet sleeping bag? It’s pretty miserable.

Whilst having a camping washing line might not be first on your list of essentials, it shouldn’t be overlooked. We typically use towels, flannels, and tea towels daily and ideally need to get these things dry in between uses.

With all the other necessary gear we take, we do have to compromise occasionally. If space allows then we’ll take along our Hi-Gear 3 Arm Camping Airer.

Hi-Gear 3 Arm Camping Airer

Home and away

Believe it or not this washing line is one of the items we have used the most out of all the camping gear we have purchased over the years.

When we moved into our new house, we discovered there was no outdoor drying line. We considered installing one, but there wasn’t anywhere suitable to put one.

Instead we use our camping rotary washing line inside or outside. As it’s portable we can locate it wherever is practical on the day.


It is relatively easy to assemble the Hi-Gear 3 Arm Airer, especially after one or two uses.

The base and top push together with a spring clip to hold them in place. The three arms and three legs pull outwards, with a screw handle to tighten each part when in the right position. This can be a bit fiddly but gets easier with practice.

Collapsing is easy and done by reversing the assembly steps. It comes with a pack-away bag for easy storage when not in use or for when transporting and has three anchor pegs so you can secure the airer from blowing over in breezy conditions.

The airer is height-adjustable too if you are drying in a low headroom space.

Ease of use

Hanging washing to dry is simple. It operates like any domestic washing line. We always use pegs to stop things blowing away or sliding around.

It sometimes needs the washing line tightened after removing a load of washing. This is a simple matter of loosening the tightening handle on the top section and pushing it up before re-tightening the handle.

Are we happy with it?

Yes. We have been really pleased with our purchase of the Hi-Gear 3 Arm Airer. Its lightweight aluminium construction and clever collapsible design mean it’s transportable and easy to use anywhere, anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hi-Gear 3 Arm Airer cost

We have seen the airer priced from £29.00 to £32.00, available at a variety of retailers.

What does it include?

The Hi-Gear 3 Arm Camping Airer comes with:

  • Pre-strung aluminium airer, in two parts
  • Three anchor pegs
  • Storage bag with drawstring and carry strap

Is it durable?

Made of aluminium with plastic washing line, it is weatherproof and sturdy. Over time and after repeated use the washing line can fray in places.

What are the dimensions?

The dimensions of the Hi-Gear 3 Arm Airer are as follows:

  • Weight: 1.94kg
  • Assembled: 134 x 134 x 143cm
  • Packed size: 90 x 30cm

Does it dry effectively?

It can take a lot of washing at once, but the lines are fairly close together so this may affect drying time.

We use pegs as items can blow off or clump together if it is windy or the line droops with a lot of heavy items on it.

How much weight can it carry?

As a unit, it is extremely sturdy and robust. It can take more weight than its appearance would suggest.

We will regularly hang two loads of washing on the line at once, totalling at least 10 kilos.

Is it stable?

The supplied anchor pegs are very effective and keep the airer from tipping over, even when windy.

When using the Hi Gear 3 Arm Airer outside on a hard surface, I place weights on the base of the frame to secure it and stop the wind from blowing it over.

Is it a rotary line?

Not really. It can be turned by hand fairly easily, but doesn’t revolve in the breeze like domestic rotary lines.

Gear Review: Hi-Gear 3 Arm Airer

Ease of use
Ease of assembly
Value for money


The Hi-Gear 3 Arm Airer is a great piece of gear, for both camping and home use. It is lightweight, relatively easy to assemble and disassemble, and provides a lot of space for clothes, towels, and other gear to dry.